Please Explain: Natural Gas

Friday, July 25, 2008

The price of oil is way up...but so is the price of natural gas, which is another major source of energy in the U.S. Please Explain is all about natural gas – where it comes from, how the price is set, and why it’s used for everything from heating homes to manufacturing plastics. Marco J. Castaldi is Assistant Professor of Earth & Environmental Engineering at Columbia University.


Marco J. Castaldi

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erick from Rochester, NY

Is there any way to use micro-organisms to digest organic garbage (food etc.) to make natural gas that doesn't have to be drilled for?

Kill two birds with one stone. Get rid of garbage and create energy.

Jul. 25 2008 01:56 PM
Jim from broooklyn

What about using human waste as a source of fuel? Human's produce methane, our waste probably can be burned.

Jul. 25 2008 01:53 PM
B Marx from Downtown

The scent that we know in natural gas is added and therefore a natural release would not smell the same (I'm told it has no smell)

Jul. 25 2008 01:48 PM
Peter Richman from Highland Park, NJ

What progress has been made in tapping methane hydrates under the ocean?

Jul. 25 2008 01:48 PM
Elaine from NYC

Drilling for natural gas is different than drilling for petroleum. Though there are negative environmental impacts associated with drilling for natural gas, they must be weighed against the benefits of using natural gas as a source of energy. Natural gas burns much cleaner than oil and emits less carbon.

Jul. 25 2008 01:48 PM
hjs from 11211

that smell was a test by the government

Jul. 25 2008 01:46 PM
stephanie from Ringwood

Is methane produced by dumps the same as naturally found? Can it be used for energy production? I recently drove past a dump off of I78 near the Delaware River and smelled the methane before I saw it burning off from a tall pipe above the dump.

Jul. 25 2008 01:38 PM
Debbie from Babylon

Why is National Grid not advertising for new gas customers in light of the oil price rise? My co-worker (who lives in Nassau) and I have bee4n trying to convert from oil to gas. He was given a price of $29,000.00 for bringing the pipes 425 feet to his house. I have been waiting for over a month for a response from them. Inital estimates I have heard are $65 a foot for the pipes. Don't they want new customers? Is there some sort of moratoriam or are they in co-hoots with the oil companies?

Jul. 25 2008 01:32 PM
exlege from brooklyn

what is the method to convert methane to propane for delivery purposes? can we convert biogas into propane?

Jul. 25 2008 01:32 PM
A1sauce from nyc

Methane is 23 times worse than CO2...but which is more environmentally friendly overall? Carbon based fuel or natural gas?

Jul. 25 2008 01:29 PM
Jeff from NYC and Delhi, NY

We spend weekends on what is currently an idyllic one lane country road in Delaware County, NY. Land is all watershed and wetlands and all the streams feed into the Delaware River and the Cannonsville reservoir, one of the NYC reservoirs. Where will likely drilling occur and what lands will be protected for the sake of NYC water safety? Of the 180 acres that comprised my old farm, about 100 are owned by NYC to keep them pristine. Seems like drilling kills that effort.


Jul. 25 2008 12:58 PM

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