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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

We take your calls on the ongoing primary season. What are your thoughts on the candidates? Are you energized for the general election, despite a sometimes-grueling primary season? Call us at 212-433-9692.

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hjs from 11211

in the past 3 months i've read a lot of nastiness from Obama supporters. i've even read recently if he loses it's her fault. some power crazed obama supporters have lost touch with reality. some think this is a videogame. some are going to wake up in november shocked. in the mean time remember any hope Obama has of winning it's with HRC's support (& bill's and her other supporters' also. so it's time for some to grow up.

May. 20 2008 03:03 PM
mc from Brooklyn

There is no need for sarcasm. Truth is very much in the eyes of the beholder in this season. I didn't dismiss your views, I just corrected the source you thought I got the info from. I am not asking anyone to shut up and I would appreciate the same treatment.

May. 20 2008 02:38 PM
Madeline from Atlanta, GA

I wish people would realize that it's not about Sexism that makes people (me) want Hillary to sit down. She - and her husband - have bad direction. They're crooked and I don't want her anywhere near the White House. I remember the 90s, and that's why I'm voting for Obama.

If she is anywhere on the ticket, I'll vote Nader. I'd rather have the guy responsible for giving us seat belts than Hill's crazy tail.

May. 20 2008 02:36 PM
Steven from Manhattan

mc - I forgot, when people twist the truth you're just suppose to accept it. Do not question. Just shut up and take it. If you do question it, you're vitrioic.

May. 20 2008 02:30 PM
Jeffrey Slott from East Elmhurst

I am so sick and tired of this whole BS primary. I am worn out. I am tired of hearing about it, tired of the arguments, tired of the gossip, tired of the constant analysis, of the threats, etc., etc. etc. Having this never-ending horse race has been the worst thing for American democracy, regardless of who you are supporting. By the time we get to the actual presidential contest I guarantee that the vast lot of Americans are going to be spending their energies arguing over "American Idol". Anything gets tiresome after awhile. How long can you watch a movie or baseball game or concert, no matter how promising it starts out?

May. 20 2008 02:29 PM
mc from Brooklyn

I happen to think that any HRC supporter who votes for McCain is shooting him/herself in the foot. However, when you see some of the vitriol here on this comment board that is directed at them, it is hard to tell them that the Obama forces truly have their interests at heart.

May. 20 2008 02:23 PM
mc from Brooklyn

I didn't get it from Lanny Davis. I got it from Of course you are free to dismiss whatever doesn't fit with your worldview, but there it is.

May. 20 2008 02:22 PM
Steven from Manhattan

It depends how you calculate it!!! Thank you Lanny Davis.LOL

May. 20 2008 02:13 PM
hjs from 11211

"long standing tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory."
agreed when everything is against the GOP including weak mccain the dem's will nominee an ultra liberal black man as if this nation would every elect a liberal or a black man.
4 more years of bush coming, hold on to ur hats...

May. 20 2008 02:12 PM
mc from Brooklyn

It is statistically half. Depending on how you calculate it, they both have half.

I agree with Pat. Let's find out what most of the voters want. I can be comfortable with the result even with all the nastiness, which has always seemed out of whack.

May. 20 2008 02:08 PM
Steven from Manhattan

Hillary supporter blackmail: If you accept the reality of Hillary's loss and her Michigan/Florida BS, I will vote for McCain.

May. 20 2008 02:06 PM
hjs from 11211

where are the super delegates? if the race is over why do they stay silent?

May. 20 2008 02:06 PM
Pat Burns from New York

I strongly disagree with chuck.
Being one of the Hillary supporters, the only thing that makes me not want to vote for Obama, should he be the nominee, is when I feel she is being forced out of the race prematurely. Neither has the needed pledge delegates at this point.
Democrats were mighty vocal about the importance of the popular vote when it was Gore v. Bush.
What about that contradiction? i am happy to vote for Obama when he wins it fair and square.

May. 20 2008 02:01 PM
Steven from Manhattan

It's not half. It's LESS than half. A nominee who has 100% name recognition and collects LESS than half of the popular vote is NOT a strong candidate.

May. 20 2008 01:59 PM
Chuck from Brooklyn

Hillary is helping the Democrats fulfill their long standing tradition of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. It's shameful she is so prideful.

May. 20 2008 01:57 PM
Pat Burns from New York

Wished you had taken on the little high school girl with the hairy legs a bit more strongly.
Firstly, the "boys" who started the "Hillary Should Drop Out" campaign could be told that right now she has the popular vote. While I realize that they are influenced by the likes of John Edwards who seems to think he has the right to take it upon himself to say that the party needs to be united by her dropping out, they could be told that having her drop out is precisely what will divide the 51% Hillary supporters against the Obama voters.

2. There is something terribly ironic about Hillary making it possible for the girls to be beautiful enough to go to the prom by dropping out of the race for president. Do these young girls understand the metaphoric value of this? Do they also not understand that of the 43 preceding presidents, none has been female????
Maybe you might have reminded them of a couple of these factoids.

May. 20 2008 01:55 PM
mc from Brooklyn

If we are to have a truly strong nominee with the mandate of the party behind him/her, we need to go to the end. I don't think we necessarily have to go to the convention, but we need to know who really has the support of most Democratic voters. This is not nonsense, this is not telling half the Democratic voters to sit down and shut up.

May. 20 2008 01:55 PM
Steven from Manhattan

The dems really can't stand winning. Let's keep the Hillary nonsense going.

May. 20 2008 01:52 PM
Howard from Brooklyn

Let her take it all the way to the convention. Make the delegates vote! Let them vote openly. Let here make her case to the whole convention!

May. 20 2008 01:49 PM

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