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Friday News Roundup

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A joint address, an attorney general under fire and what has the 43rd president been saying about the 45th? In India, there's anger and protests after last week's deadly attack in a Kansas sports bar. Questions persist about U.S. involvement in Yemen. And Sweden's so worried about Russia, it has brought back military conscription. For some it might be Lent – but you just can't give up the news. Two panels of journalists join Joshua Johnson for analysis of the week's top news stories. Discussing domestic news is Jeff Mason, White House correspondent for Reuters, Sheryl Gay Stolberg, domestic affairs correspondent at The New York Times and Ron Elving, senior editor and correspondent at NPR. Discussing international news is Yochi Dreazen, foreign editor of Vox, Jia Lynn Yang, deputy national security editor at The Washington Post, Paul Danahar, Washington bureau chief of the BBC and Nathalie Rothschild, a Swedish freelance journalist based in Stockholm.