Cokie Roberts on the Ladies of Liberty

Friday, April 18, 2008

ABC and NPR’s Cokie Roberts talks about America’s founding mothers – women like Abigail Adams and Sacagawea, who helped shape the country in its earliest years. Her new book is Ladies of Liberty.


Cokie Roberts

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jp from ny

No, Megan, Cokie Roberts is not being compared to a Nazi. The rhetorical technique used is called "analogy". It's not a literal or metaphoric comparison.

The case against Cokie was offered in some detail. It did not include charges of Nazism -- just the same ignorance, depravity and arrogance which characterizes most American "opinion journalism".

And in this respect, Cokie is among the worst on TV, and Cokie on Gore in 2000 was particularly shameless. But she's at WNYC to sell her book, so banish the thought that anything critical of her might be said, because it might interfere with book sales, and WNYC would have trouble attracting more talentless "authors" who in many cases don't even write their own books.

Does no at the station every get good and sick of it?

Apr. 18 2008 02:22 PM
lee gorelick from new york city

in your conversation with Cokie Roberts it was stated that John Marshall was the first chief was in fact John Jay

Apr. 18 2008 01:03 PM
chestinee from Midtown

The idea of equality was new and fledgling to the known world in the time of the founding fathers. It it still is, but not as wobbly as it was then.

Cokie irritates me when she refers to Barack as Senator Obama and Hillary as MRS. Clinton. But she is a fifties era gal (graduated from college in 1964.)

Apr. 18 2008 01:00 PM
AWM from UWS

...I meant to say that I know that African societies had slavery

Apr. 18 2008 12:44 PM
AWM from UWS

"Do you think African societies didn't have slavery?"

I don't "think" this, I know this. But she isn't waxing poetic about African queens in pre-Europe Africa. Who does? If they do, how many books do they sell?

"so none of the billions of people who lived pre-1950 can ever be celebrated unless they explicitly condemned slavery?"

Not if they were in positions of power or influence, no. Their story is incomplete if it doesn't take into account that their era of power and influence was in the midst of the most profound type of inequality known to man.

Apr. 18 2008 12:33 PM
Tom from NYC

John Jay was the first Chief Justice, Marshall was the fourth

Apr. 18 2008 12:30 PM
Lou from Brooklyn

They should play the song "Abigail Adams" by the Brooklyn indie-pop band, The City and Horses. It's a love song from John Adams to Abigail.

It's quite a touching tune.


Apr. 18 2008 12:29 PM
megan from Park Slope

so now Cokie Roberts is compared to a Nazi
war! that is chilling...and sad.

Apr. 18 2008 12:25 PM
megan from Park Slope

AWM - which society pre-1950 in the world did NOT
accepted, encouraged and embraced slavery?

Do you think African societies didn't have slavery?

so none of the billions of people who lived pre-1950 can ever be celebrated unless they explicitly condemned slavery?

let's throw out 90% of all books....

Apr. 18 2008 12:23 PM
jd from ny

Why not ask Cokie Roberts if she's proud of her role in electing GWB in 2000, what it is about her political observations and her packaging of beltway orthodoxy that advances the national discourse, and whether her erudition and unique insight qualifies her to opine on a national stage?

Or is this yet another soft-soap interview to help "authors" sell books, and the audience is regarded as the customer, with no rights to the truth, if it doesn't help sell the book?

If a Nazi war criminal writes a book on horticulture, will you only talk about daffodils?

Apr. 18 2008 12:22 PM
Lloyd from Manhattan

I wonder what Ms. Roberts thinks of the shameless performance of her ABC colleagues Gibson and Stephanopoulos in squandering much of the Pennsylvania debate on trivial "gotcha" questions that no one cares about.

Apr. 18 2008 12:22 PM
Andrew Dark from Nyack, New York

Laundry hung in the press interview room! Now, that's just a blast...

Apr. 18 2008 12:21 PM
megan from Park Slope

Ken, you may prefer to listen to an even more liberal station than WNYC where you can here some mindless analyst parroting received anti-American
"wisdom" ala the Noam / Ceasr Chavez cabal...

I think WNYC is about as fair as balanced as you will get on and off the radio

Apr. 18 2008 12:18 PM
megan from Park Slope

Angry Ken - bring some examples...just one....

Apr. 18 2008 12:14 PM
Ken from Upper West Side

How nice that we have the crack NPR analyst, Cokie Roberts, on the show! Why don't you ask her how her news "analysis" -- which actually is just mindless parroting of received Washington opinion -- helped shape our disastrous involvement in Iraq?

Apr. 18 2008 12:11 PM
AWM from UWS

Why do we still not only excuse but revere people who accepted, encouraged and embraced a society that enslaved other human beings?

Apr. 18 2008 09:56 AM

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