The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook

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After 9/11, the word Muslim became synonymous with terrorist and un-American and Muslims in America faced a wall of prejudice. Eight years on, what does it mean to be an American-Muslim? Our guest, Dilara Hafiz spent three years writing The American Muslim Teenager's Handbook with her two teenage kids, Yasmine and Imran, trying to answer this question. Told by American publishers that the book would not sell well, and by Muslim publishers that they were too progressive, the book was released independently. It received rave reviews including a write-up in the New York Times and great sales numbers on Amazon. Simon and Schuster released the book nationwide yesterday.

Here is a video of Imran and Yasmine Hafiz introducing their book:

Other Muslim teens living in the United States have turned to the internet to reach out to the world. For example, a Youtube show called Being a Muslim Teen in America. Episode one is below: