American astronauts find a home in Star City, Russia, outside Moscow

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Space exploration is as American as baseball. Or is it? For the last 15 years, American astronauts have been living and working quietly out of Star City, Russia. They speak Russian, they learn from Russian cosmonauts, and in two years, the only way Americans will be able to get into space is by buying seats on Russian Soyuz spacecraft. John Schwartz, a science reporter from the New York Times, joins the Takeaway to tell the story of American astronauts with Russian lives, and how politicians could spell the end of this harmonious relationshipGuest: John Schwartz, science reporter for the New York Times. Schwartz wrote the article “For U.S. Astronauts, a Russian Second Home,” a Science Times feature about American astronauts living, working, and getting into space from Star City, Russia.