"Doc" Humes: Hipster Visionary Neo-Prophet

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Timothy Leary called the late H.L. "Doc" Humes "a national treasure – America’s greatest living paranoid." Paul Auster called him "a hipster visionary neo-prophet." In the 1950s and early '60s, "Doc" co-founded The Paris Review, wrote two acclaimed novels, and was a gregarious fixture of the cultural scene in Paris, London and New York. His daughter Immy Humes has made a new film about her father, "Doc," showing at the Film Forum (209 W. Houston) Jan. 23-29.

Event: Immy Humes will have a Q&A on Wednesday, January 23 at the 8 pm showing
Immy Humes and Paul Auster will be in person on Friday, January 25 at the 8 pm show