The Toll of the Iraq War

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Monday, November 26, 2007

Bill Gates is no longer the world's richest person; Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim now has that title. Find out how who Mr. Slim is, and how he made his billions. Also: we hear about an AP photographer who's being detained in an US Army prison in Iraq without charges. Then a look at the toll the Iraq war has taken on soldiers, both on the frontlines and here at home. Plus, the manuscripts of two former slaves who wrote about their escapes to freedom.

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The World’s Richest Man, Carlos Slim

Bill Gates is no longer the world’s richest person: Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim is. He’s worth $59 billion and climbing! We’ll find out how Carlos Slim made his money, and what the rise of Slim tells us about the global economy today. Brian Winter has written an article in the ...

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Bilal Hussein, AP Photographer Detained in Iraq

Bilal Hussein is an AP photographer who has been detained in a US Army prison in Baghdad without charges since April 2006. He says he's not sure why he's there, and neither are his colleagues. Santiago Lyon, AP Director of Photography, tells us more about Hussein, and what could happen ...


The Toll of the Iraq War

Four and a half years after the war in Iraq began, we discuss the toll the war is taking on American soldiers, both on the frontlines and here at home. Ashley Gilbertson’s new book of photographs of the US-led invasion of Iraq is called Whiskey Tango Foxtrot. Nina Berman has ...


Literary Success in the Family

Leslie Garis has literary success in her family: her grandfather created the Uncle Wiggily stories and her grandmother wrote the early Bobbsey Twins books. But that success became a burden to the family. Her new memoir is House of Happy Endings.

Event: Leslie Garris will be part of a panel ...

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Ex-Slaves Tell Their Stories

Only a handful of first-person accounts by American slaves who ran away and freed themselves are known to exist. Two of those accounts, by former slaves Wallace Turnage (1846–1916) and John Washington (1838–1918), have now been published in a new book by historian David Blight, called A Slave No More. ...


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