Backstory: The Kurdistan Workers Party

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

There are an estimated 28 million Kurds and the PKK (The Kurdistan Workers Party) hopes to unite them in an independent Kurdistan. It is considered to be a terrorist organization by the United States, NATO and EU countries. Aliza Marcus explains the PKK’s origins and how the movement became radicalized. She covered the PKK for more than eight years for both The Christian Science Monitor and Reuters and is the author of Blood and Belief.

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Aliza Marcus

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talat muskara from Alanya, Turkey

I listened twice to this "interview" and asked myself what is factual:
-the names of the interviewer and the spokes-person, that is all, the rest is dis-information.
For the general listener and reader this will be regarded as fact.
Now for some facts:
The northern oil fields of a nation, once called Iraq, now a vassal
region being plundered by the US Empire, using the play book of the
British empire of divide, conquer and rule for the maintenance of
the "American lifestyle".
The nations that have any finite natural resources will be the targets of this type of aggression.
Fact:- All nations have a right to self-defence.
- Aggression will be meet with self defense and deterrence.
American Empire has aligned it's foreign policy with feudal war lords of the region.
This sort term policy of securing a large portion of the non renewable energy is folly and the cost will be very high.

I have always condemned terrorism and will do so until my passing.
I have spent more then 30 years living in North America(8 in Manhattan).
We(having the same background in North America)are wondering to the common sense of our American friends.
k. talat muskara
Alanya, Turkey
p.s. I will post this segment on my blog so that my fellow Turks
can here for themselves. I
will also note the sponsors
of the show.

Nov. 20 2007 08:27 PM
Dincer Egin from Whippany, NJ

Dear Leonard:

I love your show and listen to them whenever I get a chance. Today,I was disappointed to hear your coverage about the terrorist PKK. These people have caused the deaths of about 50,000 innoicent people, including women and children. Their main source of income is drug dealing.

When you get a chance next time,I suggest you also include PKK's notorious past and evil terror plans for the future.


Nov. 20 2007 08:03 PM
Omer Sabuncu

Dear Leonard,

Alicia Marcus was very knowledgeable on PKK. My only comment is about her unwillingness to answer your question whether PKK is a rebel or a terrorist organization. If an organization sponsors civilian killings, it is a terrorist organization. Furthermore, as she indicated PKK is classified as a terrorist organization by United States.

An important point that was not mentioned in your program is that during the first Gulf war when Saddam was gasing the Kurds in Northern Iraq, Turkey opened its borders and accommodated up to a million Kurdish refugees. Turkey was never given credit for saving so many lives. Instead it got rewarded by increased terrorism in its soil by terrorists who infiltrated into Turkey through this humanitarian effort.


Nov. 20 2007 03:18 PM

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