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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Scientists are making important progress with stem cell research...despite strict government regulations. Hear the latest from the stem cell frontier. Plus, a new theory about the function of the human appendix. Find out how gender may affect posture. Joshua Henkin talks about his new novel. And a history of women in modern Iraq.

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Joshua Henkin

News From the Stem Cell Frontier

Scientists are making progress in stem cell research, despite strict government regulations. Dr. Kevin Eggan of the Harvard Stem Cell Institute has developed a process called nuclear transfer, which creates embryonic stem cells without needing an unfertilized egg.

Weigh in: Voters in New Jersey just voted down a ...

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How Gender Affects Posture

New research has found that in men, good posture usually inspires self-confidence – but women tend to feel more confident when slouching. Psychologist Tomi-Ann Roberts has co-authored with Yousef Arefi-Afshar a new paper called "Not All Who Stand Tall Are Proud," published in the journal Cognition and Emotion. ...

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The Appendix May Have a Purpose After All

A new theory says that the appendix really does have a use – as a “safe house” for beneficial bacteria living in the human gut. Dr. Bill Parker is assistant professor of experimental surgery at Duke University.


Joshua Henkin’s New Novel

Joshua Henkin’s latest novel is Matrimony. It’s the story of an epic love affair, and the Washington Post has called it "truly an up-all-night read."

Matrimony is available for purchase at

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History of Women in Modern Iraq

Haifa Zangana says that Iraqi women have a long history of being daring and vocal activists. Ms. Zangana is an Iraqi political commentator, novelist, and former political prisoner of Saddam Hussein’s regime; her new history of women in Iraq is called City of Widows.

City of Widows is available for ...


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