Underreported: Burmese Villagers' Lawsuit Against Oil Giant

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Chevron is currently exempt from the US sanctions on Burma that have been in place since 1997. We look into whether Chevron is helping to prop up the Burmese military regime. We also find out how a group of 15 Burmese plaintiffs managed to bring a lawsuit in US courts against Unocal (later bought by Chevron), which used slave labor to build the pipeline that transports Burma's natural gas reserves out of the country.

Dan Stormer of CA-based firm Hadsell & Stormer was one of the lead attorneys in the case; Milena Kaneva is a filmmaker whose recent documentary “Total Denial” is about the Burmese class action suit against Unocal. NY-based Burmese activist Moe Chan is with Burma Point and is a director with the National Council of the Union of Burma.

"Total Denial" opens at Cinema Village on October 26. For showtimes and tickets, go to cinemavillage.com