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During the time between the Civil War and the Great Depression, dozens of Southern counties banished thriving African-American communities from their midst. This little-known phenomenon typically began with a criminal accusation of a black man and his lynching, followed by the violent eviction of all the black families living in the county - and the subsequent appropriation of their land. Today, these counties remain virtually all white and their victims’ descendants remain uncompensated. Filmmaker and New York University film professor Marco Williams interviewed both white and black residents of three such counties in Georgia, Missouri, and Arkansas for his new documentary, Banished: How Whites Drive Blacks Out of Town in America.

Banished will be playing at Film Forum though October 9.

Marco Williams will take part in a Q&A session
tonight at 8 pm
at Film Forum, 209 West Houston Street.
Call 212-727-8112 for tickets.

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