Please Explain: Over-the-Counter Painkillers

Friday, September 07, 2007

Americans spend more than $2 billion annually on non-prescription pain relievers. Today we'll find out what they are, how they work, how they differ from one another and from prescription drugs, what side effects they cause, and more. Rear Admiral Sandra Kweder, MD, deputy director of the Food and Drug Administration's Office of New Drugs, is here to answer your questions on aspirin, ibuprofen, acetaminophen, and all the rest.

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Very interesting article you have got here. I love reading this kind of stuff. This is truly a great read for me. I hope to see more articles from you.

Jul. 18 2011 03:33 PM
mester from antwerp belgium

it s was good
me i take a mix of prescribed and over the counter medecine again pain i always read carefully and have even the molecula name of each medecine so i know what i take and mostly the max dosis, but some times you must flirt with the max limit of 1 or 2 medecine that i take if really pain didnt go away
hearing you later !
andre bela mester

Sep. 11 2007 06:28 PM
Emma from Maplewood, NJ

The reader who mentioned Olfen was referring to an NSAID known as Diclofenac. Wikipedia says it is also known as Voltaren, Voltarol, Diclon, Dicloflex Difen, Difene, Cataflam, Pennsaid, Rhumalgan, Modifenac, Abitren and Zolterol.

Sep. 07 2007 02:01 PM
chestine from NY

Pat, maybe you can find someone who practices integral medicine!

Sep. 07 2007 01:54 PM
Nick Spano from Brooklyn

Thc is 100% safe when vaporized. Oxygen is pretty safe too!

Sep. 07 2007 01:54 PM
Sarah from Brooklyn

As a migraine sufferer and acupuncturist, I have found for myself and recommended that the focus should be on eliminating triggers and actually avoiding otc painkillers even if they are temporarily effective as they seem to cause an endless cycle of rebound headaches that occur more frequently than if headaches go untreated. Can you comment?

Sep. 07 2007 01:53 PM
Nick Spano from Brooklyn

She means it is hard for the government to make money off of peoples drug abuse. People will ALWAYS abuse drugs. They dont educate us about it, they feed it to us. Mankind has become inhumane. Fed gov has made man into a number.

Sep. 07 2007 01:52 PM
chestine from NY

yes that's a question maybe for someone else at the FDA - we used to have the toughest one in the world - drugs were routinely cleared in other countries before they were allowed on our market but somehow our FDA sold out to big pharma.

Sep. 07 2007 01:50 PM
Pat from north jersey

I was just diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Until then, I had been taken prescription anit-inflammatory meds & pain med. None help except to take the edge off the pain I feel 100% of the time. My rhumetoid MD has presribed 2 anti-depressants, 1 to help me sleep & 1 2x a day for the Pain. The sleep med will help since I don't sleep for the required 4-6 hours so that the body recovers. But how do anti- depressants help to overcome fibromyalgia? I don't think of myself as depressed. And, the actual cure rate on this is only 50%. Just started so the its too soon to tell if the treatment is working but just being able to sleep through the night is great!!!!

Sep. 07 2007 01:48 PM
ch from NJ

I read a study that found that acetaminophen accounts for 40% of liver failure cases in the US. Is this true and, if so, why isn't it considered cause for alarm?

Sep. 07 2007 01:48 PM
Nick Spano from Brooklyn

I love how every answer she gives starts with , "I don't know and no one really does know" all she is doing is throwing out corporate names and slogans on what it does.

Sep. 07 2007 01:46 PM
Nick Spano from Brooklyn

Most people that take over teh counter medicine cant afford to see a doctor to get told the proper things to injest. but the doctors are told by the fda what to give people. but the fda just SUGGESTs levels of this crap they feed us. Im so sick of being led by people who just want to make profit and not benefit life. But when mystics like me come along, the higher class people will just laugh at you. mankind has to stop laughing at people and take everything seriously.

Sep. 07 2007 01:41 PM
ab from NYC

When I'm sick I often take both Thera-Flu and Nyquil...bad combo?

Sep. 07 2007 01:41 PM
amanda from harlem

what about the stomach bleeding warning w/ alcohol?

Sep. 07 2007 01:37 PM
Chuck Newman from nj

Please have your guest explian that opiate business again.

Sep. 07 2007 01:37 PM
Howling Rabbit from East Elmhurst

I have what my doctor says is sciatica. I am a diabetic and my feet were giving me so much pain for such a long time. My doctor recommended that I take one "baby" aspirin every day. Since I started that regimen a few months ago I have not had one day of pain in my feet :)

Sep. 07 2007 01:36 PM
carolita from manhattan

Why does aspirin prevent cold sores? Does it have something to do with action on the nerves? Apparently the cold sore virus lives in the ganglion behind the ear. But what exactly does aspirin do in this case?

Sep. 07 2007 01:35 PM
Nick Spano from Brooklyn A poem about the FDA.

Sep. 07 2007 01:34 PM
Nick Spano from Brooklyn

Marijuana, the best medicine ever. Tell this FDA women to legalize it. You can die from advil, not weed.

Sep. 07 2007 01:32 PM
chestine from NY

my brother told me when he was in med school a hundred years ago not to buy otc meds because they can kill. So i don't, as a rule. (Father was also a physician/surgeon; you had to have one foot in the grave to get as much as an aspirin out of him) If there is a natural (vs. lab-made) way to take care of something, that's what I do. Lots of things (like headaches) can be dealt with just holding an acupuncture point as i recently appreciated after a strong allergic reaction to my apt.'s paint job, before (dust/mold?) and after (paint) - the DrNP gave me albuterol (?) which knocked open my bronchioles. Next day, i opened "Energy Medicine" by Donna Eden with a pic of the lung meridian. I held the first point on that meridian and my lungs opened up even faster than the chemical did.

Sep. 07 2007 12:33 PM

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