Underreported: Ethiopia’s Campaign in the Ogaden

Thursday, September 06, 2007

While the West focuses on Darfur, another humanitarian disaster seems to be developing in the Horn of Africa. The Ethiopian government - a recipient of a great deal of western aid money - has launched a military campaign in the Ogaden, a remote region of Ethiopia that borders on Somalia. Civilians have been killed or displaced, villages have been burnt, and livestock has been destroyed. The Ethiopian military and the US military have a close working relationship, by the Pentagon's own admission. On the second part of Underreported, Leonard talks to Tom Porteous of Human Rights Watch about the destruction in the Ogaden, and how the United States government is complicit.


Tom Porteous

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Simon Mace from Underreported: Ethiopia’s Campaign in the Ogaden

Those in the know had been exasperated for a long time executing US foreign policy in Africa.

We have alienated friendly countries like Eritrea, by taking sides and helping Ethiopia break International Law on the deliniation of their border. Now threatening to list Eritrea as state sponsor of terror

US complicity in planing the invasion of Somalia

Internal strife (congress)

Now the Ogaden is another one of litany of misguided policy failures.

John Prendergast has put it beutifully

When it comes to the Greater Horn, the Bush administration has simply not implemented its own policies. By relying on sporadic military strikes and continued support for autocrats without broader political planning, it has combined the worst elements of its current strategy in Iraq with the Cold War-era policy of cronyism. Conflict resolution and good governance are, in fact, the keys to countering terrorism in the Greater Horn over the long term.

Sep. 06 2007 07:54 AM
Abdi from London

This US administration seems hell bent of causing Havoc in the Horn of Africa, Infact as a write this now the United States Government is encouraging the dictator meles of Ethiopia to attack Eritrea, which would be very bad for the people of the Horn.Where there were no terrorist sympathizers in the Horn, now there are so many, thanks to misguided US policy, If Iraq was not enough they had to move on to somalia.

I just wish the American people really knew what their government was up to in Africa, instead of fostering peace, they foster warlords to kill Somalis, instead of encouraging dictators such as the one in Ethiopia to respect the rule of law, they advise him to break it and invade Somalia.

Even in ethiopia the situation is very bad, you have one tribe in ethiopia who the dictator of Ethiopia hails from ruling countless other tribes with brute force, Executives and human right violations in the norm of the day in Ethiopia.

Infact Mr meles is committing a genocide against the people of Ogaden whos rebels killed 9 chinese oil workers around 3 months ago.

Sep. 06 2007 07:15 AM

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