New York, Have Your Say!

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New York thinks of itself as the most multicultural city in the world. But London, Toronto, and Sydney all make the same claim! Which city is right?

Today we're participating in the BBC program World Have Your Say, a daily interactive program where listeners set the agenda. World Have Your Say will decide which city should be held up as the best multicultural example for the rest of the world.

The Leonard Lopate Show will be simulcasting with three other radio stations - in London, Toronto, and Sydney - with advocates and listeners in each city arguing that their city should win. At the end of the hour, a panel of listeners will crown the winner. For more information about the contest, check out the show's blog here. Leonard needs your help to make the best case for New York!

UPDATE: The panel of voters chose London as the world's most multicultural city. If you disagree, keep posting your comments here.

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