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Thursday, August 09, 2007

Senator Joe Biden has a reputation for saying whatever's on his mind. He joins Leonard to explain why he thinks he should be the next President. But first, on this week's Underreported we'll find out about the Uighur people of China, and why they have a long history of conflict with the Chinese government. Then, a violinist-turned-novelist on how music shapes his writing. Plus, a look at the mysteries of the card game bridge.


Senator Joe Biden

Underreported: China’s Uighurs

China's Uighur people are Turkic Muslims from Central Asia, and the Chinese government has a long history of discriminating against them. Uighur separatists have been calling for an independent state since the 1940s. Since 9/11, a rise of Islamic fundamentalism among China's Uighurs has resulted in further religious repression. On ...

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Underreported: Uighurs in the USA

Alim Seytoff, General Secretary of the Uyghur American Association talks about the Uighur Diaspora here in the United States, and what Uighur-Americans are doing to influence Chinese politics.


Violinist Turned Novelist

Eugene Drucker is best known as a violinist for the Emerson String Quartet. But now he’s also a novelist. His first novel, The Savior, is about a young German violinist who plays for an audience of concentration camp detainees at the end of World War II.

The Savior is available ...


The Backwash Squeeze

What do the Alcatraz coup, the cannibal squeeze, and the journalist leads all have in common? Answer: they are all techniques in the card game bridge. In the 1930s, bridge was even bigger than baseball. In The Backwash Squeeze and Other Improbable Feats, Edward McPherson recounts the game’s history and ...

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Senator Joe Biden on Life and Politics

Joe Biden has worked with Presidents Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Clinton, and two Bushes during his tenure as US Senator from Delaware since 1973. He joins us today to explain why he thinks he should be the next President. In Promises to Keep, Senator Biden recalls his personal tragedies and ...

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