Underreported: Kosovo

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Kosovo is still a Serbian province, although it has been under UN and NATO administration since 1999. Although the country is relatively stable, there is a general economic recession, high unemployment, poverty, and repression of civil liberties. And the situation is particularly dire for women. On the first part of today's Underreported, Hamide Latifi, Director of Women for Women International’s Kosovo chapter, will discuss her efforts to support and empower women in Kosovo.


Hamide Latifi

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Gladiator from UK

Well-done Peter!!

I just can’t understand how on earth Serbian people can claim that Kosovo is theirs.
Everybody knows that Serbian people came from Russia to Europe in 7th century and invaded Albanian land. Not just Serbian people but Slovenian, Croatian and other Slavic people. Albanian territory was situated from Greece to Hungary and all eastern part of today’s Italy was Albanian. Let me prove that to you. Why today Venice is called Venice- because was created by Albanian tribe called Veneti. Western part of Croatia is called Dalmacia-because Albanian tribe called Dalmated were situated there before Slavic invasion. For more info visit:

Jan. 21 2008 05:51 PM
Mary Thanasi from chicago

I cant believe people still pretend they do not know that you cant mix water and oil together and if Albania would had different neighbors would had been different country,
Nobody is asking for a big Albania,Albanian has a lot of troubles because they had been 50 years under the worse communism and they do not have yet men I repeat men to govern the same in Kosovo ,
I ask always a big question during the war in Kosovo and all the genocide that happen there where were the "men" hiding somewhere in the forest pretending to fight and they left their families kids and wife’s to be raped.
there is a reason that Kosovo is still under Nato and Kosovo isn’t able to have any kind of structure any form of leadership,
Serbs know this and they claim Kosovo because they need the land and servants.
Serbs know very well their "proud " history from where they came from and who they are, we even have an expression like the "Serbs horse" for someone that is stubborn and evil,
I hope the women in Kosovo and Albania that raise the future generation will be smart enough to grow men that will not hide behind the skirts of their wife’s if they want to have a country their own or live in harmony in the European union.
"Sipas koken dhe festen" translation "as the head the

Nov. 01 2007 08:44 AM
Ellen Marshall from Baltimore, MD

I met Hamide Latife while I was leading a women's leadership program, Hope Fellowships, in Kosova. She is a woman committed to better economic conditions in Kosova. Who would not wish that for their homeland?

The atrocities of the Milosovic regime were horrible and thousands of families in Kosova, Bosnia, Albania and Serbia withstood terrible human rights violations. Then, as now, propoganda fueled the ethnic conflicts which go back six centuries.

Beautiful and intelligent women, many of them my friends, will continue to seek justice and economic stability. Good for them!Independence for Kosova(o) is their right, whether Serbian, Albanian or Roma. Vitriolic pundits cannot continue to stand in the way of progress for all people.

Aug. 20 2007 01:55 PM
Peter Lek Ivezaj from Rusia

You are sick.You know that Kosova belonges to Kosovars(Shqiptar). Does it ring you bell??, Buzz to your ear?!!
Kosova.Kosovar.Kosova, Kosovar.
It is easy for slavik nationalas to procliam
independence,like Slovenia,Serbia, Maqedonia,
Montenegor,Crovacia,all Slavik states,with common language,but its hard for Kosova to reach independence because Kosovars are not slavik.Is that fair?!Even if Kosova unites with Albania,what is wrong with that,they are same people, they speek same language have same history.They have three unite evolutionary religions (K.O.M.B)
A!! you Rassun /Serbian sympathizer.
You have fear for human butchers geting instict from earth? Do you?!!.Ay!!!
There is no more communist dictatorial.
Jave qisha nanen shqiptarce!!
All those sates that I mentioned above are expansion of Slavs on Illyrian land once called Illyricum -313AD Illyrian land or Dardani(Kosova),Dardani are early people of the Balkans,Albanoids(Albania.
All Albanians have Illyrian ancestors.
Albanians will never again be part of Eastern block countrys.We are part of Western world, thank God. Free at last!!Let Freedom and Democracy be at every Illyrian state.
Who Knows what will happen one day.
We are the world,We are the people!!
God bless peace keepers!.God bless America!.

Aug. 18 2007 02:13 AM
Melana Pejakovich from Sacramento, CA

The assessment that Kosovo has been "underreported" since the 1999 NATO Bombing of Yugoslavia, is correct. So as an American who has kept track, let me fill you in on what's happened since we intervened eight years ago: Over 200,000 Serbs, Jews and Gypsies have been forced to flee Kosovo by marauding Kosovo Albanians. Right under the noses of UN Peacekeepers, over 150 ancient Serbian Orthodox Christian Churches have been destroyed by these same predominantly Muslim Kosovo Albanians, and You Tube has some fine video of these churches being destroyed The remaining Serbs Christians in Kosovo are forced to live behind barbed wire fences and Christian clergy cannot even leave their homes to go to another village without an armed guard!

Your guest used every tear-jerk propaganda device possible to justify Kosovo Independence, but there is zero evidence to her claims of "children massacred" and 20,000 Albanian women raped". And "her country" is either Serbia or Albania, because there is no country named "Kosovo" or (Albanian version) "Kosova" -- and God Willing, there never will be!

Jul. 26 2007 09:44 PM
Lilly Pollack from USA

I was surprised that a public radio station was allowing someone to disperse propaganda without being checked or strongly challenged by the host. If you look at the history of Kosovo written by independent sources, you would see:
1. Kosovo was part of Serbia for a very long time and it was mostly inhabited by Montegrins, Serbs, and Roma before the exodus of Albanians fleeing the dictatorship of Enver Hoxha.
2. Under Tito, the Albanian minority, increasingly becoming a majority, had the same rights as all groups in Yugoslavia. In fact, Tito caused consternation across the country by displaying public support for large Albanian families with only the father working, and offering social assistance and financial aid especially to Kosovo.
To claim, as your guest did, that Kosovo was purposefully left poor is ridiculous.
3. The name "Kosova" was invented by Albanian nationalists and was the beginning of the independence campaign.
4. The violence in Kosovo was started by Albanian nationalists long before Milosevic. They were trained by the Albanian government, and more recently have been assisted by Islamic fundamentalists.
5. After the Kosovo insurgency of the 1980s, members of the Yugoslavian government observed that they had unwittingly sponsored it by inviting Albanian professors to teach Albanians in Kosovo in their own language. This was the root cause of the indoctrination of young Albanians to rise up and fight for independence.

One can make the analogy that granting indepedence to Kosovo because of the majority group's ethnicity is the same as if the U.S. let Cubans have an independent state in South Florida.

It seems as if nobody is mentioning the continued atrocities of Albanians against other ethnic groups, forcing them for the last twenty years to abandon their homes.

When your guest mentioned that almost 100% of 1600 Kosovo women want indepedence, I have to wonder how many of them are non-Albanians.

I hope in future this show will provide more than one point of view regarding complex conflicts around the world.

Jul. 26 2007 09:02 PM
Shachna Rosen from NYC

Despite your guest's giving it short-shrift, the issue of creating a Greater Albania has been discussed for decades. Her continued discussion of the "Kosovars" and Kosovo itself is a misnomer, these are Albainian people living on two sides of a common border who have great emphathy for confederation and ultimate union. I believe we are talking of an Albanian nation state, not a small enclave of beseiged Kosovars facing the Serbian neighbor. Any federation or joining of these two Albanian areas will change the character of the Southern Balkans and is, I would imagine, a concern for the Slavs, Macedonians, Croats and other former Yugoslav member repiblics.

Jul. 26 2007 12:38 PM

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