Underreported: Gatumba Massacre Survivors

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On the night of August 13th, 2004, Hutu militants crossed from Congo into Burundi and attacked the Gatumba Transit Center in which fifteen hundred Banyamulenge Congolese Tutsi refugees had sought safe haven. Hundreds were killed and wounded. Now nearly 600 hundred of the survivors have been resettled in the US. On today's Underreported, we'll find out what happened during the massacre, and how the survivors are dealing with the aftermath and getting the help they need. Leonard talks to Sasha Chanoff of Mapendo International, one of the architects of the Gatumba resettlement; also, Olivier Mandevu, president of the Gatumba Refugee Survivors Foundation.

Event: The Third Annual Gatumba Genocide Memorial
will be held on Sunday, August 12
at Pinnacle Mountain in Voorheesville, NY
For more information, go to gatumbasurvivors.org