Please Explain: Sinuses

Friday, June 15, 2007

On today's Please Explain, Andrew P. Lane, Assistant Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology and Head and Neck Surgery at Johns Hopkins University, answers your questions about sinuses. Call 212-433-9692.


Andrew P. Lane

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Ron from Boston

My wife has chronic cough which they attribute to sinus dsease. This past year She has had two sinus surgeries to correct the post nasal drip. She continues to have problems with sinus infections and partial healing. The surgeon recommended she get a second opinion from a E.N.&T person...Who in the Boston area is a very good doctor for this...

Apr. 14 2009 08:52 PM

i used to chew tobacoo and smoke pot. exactly 1 year ago i noticed my nose mouth and throut were dry and the mucus was like plain old water and not like mucus. so i stoped chewing and it only got wors. then about 3 mon after that i quit smoking pot. after this it got even wors. i have been to several doctors and they are not very helpfull or caring. some one please help i truly am desperet and think about giving up all the time

Oct. 01 2007 12:01 AM
Wei Wang from New Brunswick, New Jersey

I would like to recommend Dr. Michael S. Goldrich MD to Katya. His office is located at 181 Somerset Street, New Brunswick, NJ 08901. Tel: 732-247-2401.

The reason I recommend Dr. Goldrich is that I have had a very bad sinus problems for years, I had surgery 2 years ago by a different doctor, but it didn't help much. Recently I visited Dr. Goldrich and he operated on my nose at Robert Wood Johnson Hospital. I feel good now.

Jun. 15 2007 02:45 PM
Guy Rind from NJ

When I lie down on my side to go to sleep the back of my nose becomes completely blocked so that I can't breathe from that nostril. If I flip to the other side the same happens only with the other nostril. It takes a few minutes for this blockage to take effect. It feels like a hinged door or rudder is positioned back there and gravity helps it close. Sitting up cuases no problem. My question is what is causing this and can it be corrected?

Jun. 15 2007 02:30 PM
katya from brooklyn

Can anyone recommend a ear/nose/throat doctor in the city? I'm desperate for a recommendation and none of my friends have the allergies or sinuses I suffer.

Jun. 15 2007 02:01 PM
Ronnie from jersey city

After using household cleaners, including ammonia, several days in a row, my nasal passages began to drip, then eventually became very dry. 2 months later, there still seems to be virtually no mucus production. I fear I've damaged or destroyed my mucous membrane and cilia. Is this likely to be a permanent condition? How long should it take to heal?

Jun. 15 2007 01:59 PM
Jeff Cohen from Upper West Side

PS these headaches were awful - and as another writer mentioned they would settle above and behind the eyes. I would go into a dark room, take some strong painkillers and hope to sleep it off.

Jun. 15 2007 01:57 PM
Karla from Manhattan

I get about 5 sinus infections a year and for the past year it also spreads to my ears. My ears are always very irritated. Why is this happening?

Jun. 15 2007 01:52 PM
Jeff Cohen from Upper West Side

Sinus Headaches- As a teen, I would get them after a day of diving from a 3 meter board. I gave up the diving. (Sorry if this is a copy)

Jun. 15 2007 01:43 PM
Jef Cohen from Upper West Side

Can you tell us about sinus headaches. As a young teen I got these headaches ften after spending the day at the pool - diving from a 3 meter board.I gave up the diving

Jun. 15 2007 01:42 PM
Halley Sikes from Boston, MA

Do specific irritants affect the sinuses in different locations? I always seem to get very bad sinus pain in my forehead above my eyes, almost never near my nose although I often suffer very bad congestion.

Jun. 15 2007 01:41 PM
Brian Prager from New York

My problem is that I have sleep trouble which seems to be caused by a light level of blockage in the sinus. The small size of the passage from the nose into the sinuses feels like it has a kind of "flap" that when I lie down and in seasons when the sinus membranes or only very slightly swollen requires very heavy, strongly drawn breaths in order to draw air during sleep. This wakes me and I have trouble with sleep. Any suggestions to understand this or to resolve this problem? thanks!

Jun. 15 2007 01:38 PM
Kate Sasso from Nj

I had terrible allergies before I got a sinus lift in relation to dental implants. Now I have nearly no symptoms of allergies. Can you explain?

Thank you.

Jun. 15 2007 01:30 PM
Jaime from Enfield, CT

Over two years ago I was diagnosed with "sinus fungus". I decided against the surgery that was recommended, which entails scraping out the fungus from the sinus cavity. About 6 months after diagnosis my sinuses felt tremendously better than at the time of diagnosis. Is it possible that the fungus has cleared up on its own? Or should I return to the doctor to get it rechecked.

Jun. 15 2007 01:28 PM
John Salerno from Cranford, NJ

So, is it really safe and effective to "irrigate" your sinuses? Can this help relieve my stuffy nose when I have allergies or a cold? And for how long?

Jun. 15 2007 12:06 PM

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