Lust in Translation

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Pamela Druckerman, a former foreign correspondent for the Wall Street Journal, explores how different cultures around the world view adultery.

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Peter G Werner from San Francisco

I have to second what Mr. and Mrs. Doe said. I can't believe either you or Pamela Druckerman thought that open marriage is something that has simply disappeared. The concept of open relationships simply morphed into the concept of polyamory, something practiced by a lot of people, both married and unmarried, and there's been a lot of development since the 1960s of ethical guidelines on how to handle such relationships.

There was even a New York magazine cover story on "Marriage with Benefits", which can be found here:

This part of your conversation actually leads me to serious doubts about how well your guest did her research for her book.

May. 10 2007 11:12 PM
Mr. and Mrs. Doe from Conn.

The author's response to Leonard's question regarding open relationships showed her lack of research on the subject. Open marriage and alternative lifestyles are alive and some might say thriving in the US. Witness the popularity Web sites of every stripe from couples looking to date every imaginable gender perference to the people who are secretly living the so-called 'lifestyle' (i.e. swinging as it is ananchronsitcaly referred to). There are also a preponderance of clubs in NY and other metro areas that cater to this new found openess.

In fact, here in the toney suburbs of Conn, we have first-hand knowledge of this (unbeknownst to our neighbors). Perhaps a subject for another show; Ice Storm revisted?


Apr. 25 2007 02:34 PM
Patricia from Brooklyn

Fascinating discussion!

Regarding peoples' behavior in the US, I wonder about differences in attitude and behavior among different ethnic groups?

I have drawn my own conclusions, from personal dating experience, so I wonder about the results of the guest's broader research.

Apr. 24 2007 02:00 PM

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