Bed Bug Resurgence

Monday, March 26, 2007

Last year, Richard Cooper of Cooper Pest Control, answered your questions about bed bugs on Please Explain. He returns with an update on their resurgence, and offers some tips on what to do if you find the resilient pests in your home.

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Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading. Thanks for the great content. Look forward to coming back for more.

Jul. 26 2010 09:24 AM
Lynn Franks from Jersey City, NJ

My apt. is currently bed bug-free. However, I am worried that I could pick them up while using
a commercial laundromat, frequented by all walks of humanity.

What is the risk? If they've been left by a previous customer, are they killed by my use of hot water? Length of dryer time? Type of soap?

May. 04 2010 05:43 PM
Gail from N.Y.

Some people don't react to the bites at all(myself).Clean or dirty,rich or poor doesn't matter.I urge EVERYONE to pick a night and set alarm for 2-3 am ,have tape available and flashlight available next to the bed,when alarm goes off,jump out turn on your lights and start looking.Use light colored bed sheets on this night,if you have them you will likely find them doing this.Hope you don't :)

Dec. 30 2007 10:12 AM
Jan Foster from Jackson Heights

Thought your "let's explain" show on bedbugs was really useful but please mention about mattress encasements next time.
They’re new and really useful.

Also, check out New York State Integrated Pest Management Program

Oct. 29 2007 04:03 PM
gail from new york

I am looking for a company in new york that uses vikane gassing for bedbugs, can someone please help! Thanks

Oct. 03 2007 09:30 PM
chris mccabe from nj

Bed Bugs: the best excuse for a new mattress

Apr. 20 2007 08:28 PM
nobugsonme from

I run the website Lou mentions above,, which offers news, information and support for bed bug sufferers. We have an extensive FAQs page which would probably help anyone trying to deal with or avoid bed bugs, here:

Apr. 08 2007 03:58 AM
Brian Jones from Cooper Pest Solutiosn, Lawrenceville, NJ

You can access Cooper's website by going to and clicking on Bed Bugs.

The site to order the encasements he was talking about is

Apr. 03 2007 07:30 PM


Response from the Lopate Show:

Mar. 27 2007 05:32 PM

As an entomologist at NY City's American Museum of Natural History, I receive many calls from the public concerning bed bugs, their identification, bite reactions, and the like. It's extremely important to realize that immature bed bugs, especially the first instar after hatching is only 1 mm long (about 1/32 inch), pale colored, but bright red after having fed upon you, the host (which makes it easy to spot). Later instars get larger and are not as pale, but not dark red-brown as the adult male or female bed bug. Their "imbibed food" will appear red through their skin, as well. An empty, hungry bug changes from flat to plump, after feeding for a few minutes. I rear a colony of bugs and have posted pictures of my bite reactions from many feeding (hundred) at once on my arm and you can view these on and also read from the blog on Bed bugs simply rest in the container until activated by moving the jar or especially holding it. They are not active at all until I hold the jar and that's when hundreds of all sizes of bed bugs begin crawling, searching for a blood meal, apparently innervated by heat from my hand through the glass. I'll try and post some movies of this activity in the near future.

Mar. 27 2007 03:16 AM
Sarah, Lopate Show producer from NYC

The name of that song is "Mr. Bedbug," and it's sung by Kevin Roth.

Mar. 26 2007 03:35 PM
Marlene Diamond from Flushing

Can you please give me information about the song played at the end of the bedbug segment. It seemed that the title was Good Night Mr. Bedbug but I couln't find it on Amazon.

Mar. 26 2007 01:11 PM
not bitten from greenpoint, bklyn

An important thing to mention is that two people sharing the SAME bed may not get bitten in the same way, or show symptoms of being bitten in the same way. My wife was being bitten repeatedly, and I had absolutely no bites whatsoever. So our bedbug problem went undiagnosed for an extra 2 weeks or so. We had brought up the idea of bedbugs, but dismissed it since I was wasn't being bitten. And our dermatologist agreed with us!

It wasn't until I physically saw one in the bed that we discovered the problem.

Mar. 26 2007 01:03 PM
m star

PLEASE ASK: Can you contract bedbugs by washing your sheets in a public laundromat? Or does hot water kill them?

Mar. 26 2007 12:49 PM
Bed Bug


My name is Sean and I am a former pest control technician and now Quality Assurance Manager and Technical Advisor for one of North America’s largest pest control companies.

I have spent the better part of the past five years studying and researching bed bugs. It has literally become a hobby.

I have created a website geared toward providing the public with a place to go to get unbiased information and allow industry professionals to communicate with each other on this issue.

The site is called The Bed Bug Resource ( At the top of the page there is a Forum button that will take you to the message boards.

If you find this to be a useful resource please feel free to post a link to it, or pass the information on to colleagues and the general public.

If you reference the site or use any of its material I ask that a copy of the article be sent to me.


Entomologist / Pest Professional

Mar. 26 2007 10:59 AM

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