Where do we go from here?

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New York Times Op-Ed columnist Bob Herbert and Leslie Gelb, President Emeritus of the Council on Foreign Relations, are taking part in an upcoming panel discussion presented by the New York Times: "Iraq: Where Do We Go From Here?" They're here today for a look at how we got into the war, and how we might eventually get out.

Events: Bob Herbert, Leslie Gelb, and Zacharly Lockman (chair, Department of Middle Eastern and Islamic Studies, NYU) will be talking on a panel (moderated by Susan Chira) on
Thursday, December 1st at 6:30pm
Hunter College, Kaye Playhouse
68th St. and Lexington Avenue
Tickets: $25 plus handling fee (seating first come, first served)
To order: click here, or call 1-888-NYT-1870

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