On the Air: Anniversary Week Highlights

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Beginning Monday, March 7, some of Leonard's favorite guests return to the studios to reminisce about their previous Lopate Show interviews and chat about where their careers are now.

Click on the dates to go to the show pages and listen to the archived interviews.

Monday, March 7: Cartoon artist Art Spiegelman reminisces about listening to the show while working on Maus, and subsequent projects.

Tuesday, March 8: Sarah Jessica Parker looks back on her years of being on the show, with all of her various roles.

Wednesday, March 9: Historian and author of Alexander Hamilton Ron Chernow discusses the the nature of writing history.

Thursday, March 10: Al Franken of Air America Radio shares with us how his life has changed since he was last on the show.

Friday, March 11: Tom Brokaw turns the tables on Leonard and interviews him!