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Read what Leonard's listeners have to say about the show! We've collected some excerpts of the many listener responses we've received over the past month.

I have been listening to Lenny as often as possible (between annoying interruptions like work) since Pegeen Fitzgerald's final year or two on the show. I remember how Pegeen used to moan at Lenny's occasional bad puns (which were actually quite good puns).

I have come to consider Lenny a city treasure, on a par with Central Park or Zabars—one of those "only in New York" amenities that makes living in the city worth the stress and high rents.

Happy anniversary, Lenny. Let's do 20 more.

My favorite moment was from the early '90s NY & Co. days. Leonard was interviewing an author who wrote a novel about a family that raised a female chimp as a member of their family. The author was discussing the similarities between humans and chimps and explained that the variance between human DNA and chimp DNA was only 15%.

"Viva la difference," Leonard quipped.

Congratulations on 20 years of wonderful radio!!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!

Leonard Lopate and his guests have opened my eyes to so many aspects of life that would otherwise not be part of my world view. A day without Leonard Lopate is a day without mind-opening thought-provoking, "lively, spontaneous, and unedited talk!" I am truly in awe of the breadth of his knowledge, and his ability to bring out the best in his guests.

Reference is made to the show where an actress (I think it was Kate Bosworth) appeared on your show to promote the film "Wonderland," based on the life of the well-endowed porn star John Holmes.

Leonard, during the show you described Holmes as a character who was "larger than life."


Val Kilmer discusses "Wonderland" on The Leonard Lopate Show

For two years I've had the thought that a WNYC fundraiser giveaway—a little extra—should be a 10 minute collage of Leonard Lopate puns over the years—including those three seconds after, of gasping by the stunned, often speechless guest.

No celebration of the Lopate Show would be complete without recalling shows that were memorable for their controversial or contentious natures. These shows are rare, and when they happen, they stick with you.

Naturally, the Kissinger interview comes to mind. I also seem to recall an interview with a certain well-known actress back in 2001 that was notable for something other than its conviviality.

In any case, let me say that I love the Lopate Show—even the ones that go well.

I am 24 and just started listening to WNYC last year. Now I listen in an obsessively habitual fashion. One of the first things that I heard on WNYC that really moved me and made me the fan that I am, was an interview that Leonard Lopate did last year with William Sloane Coffin. I still go back and listen to it every couple of months and find it to be a constant source of inspiration. If only there were more religious leaders in this country like Bill Coffin.

Thank You Leonard.

William Sloane Coffin on The Leonard Lopate Show

When I lived in New York, Leonard was like a nutritional supplement. I now live in a rural area and Leonard is like an essential nutrient. I have no single memories, only an enriched life. Thank you Leonard.

I love listening to the Leonard Lopate show because I count on it as one of my primary sources of information about the world around me. Whether it is history, politics, current events, food, or any other number of topics, I know that by listening to the show everyday I am going to learn something new.

One of my all-time favorite Leonard Lopate shows was with Robert Sullivan, author of the book Rats.

The interview was exactly the Leonard Lopate show at its best, because one didn't know what to expect of a book about rats, but stuck with it because the show is usually so good. The interview was surprisingly delightful, compelling, funny, and informative. Had you asked me that morning if I would buy a book on rats, I'd have sworn that I wouldn't...but after that interview, I went right out and got the book.

Robert Sullivan on The Leonard Lopate Show

I've only been listening for a few years and my favorite recurring guest is Dr. Oliver Sacks.

I'm fascinated by the brain and consciousness, and Dr. Sacks explains their complexities with a relaxing, "grandfatherly" tone that makes it much more understandable. With Leonard's thoughtful questions, I feel like I'm sitting in a comfortable salon as a fortunate participant in a conversation that would otherwise be far above my comprehension.


Dr. Oliver Sacks on The Leonard Lopate Show

This guy's irreplaceable. Clone him. He represents everything I loved about New York in the decade plus that I lived there. It's a great cheat that I get to listen to him via the internet now that I've moved away.

Leonard, thanks for all the great hours. The world wouldn't be the same place without you. And happy 20th! May you feel only as old as your show!