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See what guests of The Leonard Lopate Show have to say about him.

Mario Cuomo"Over the past twenty years I've been interviewed by several truly superb professionals, but none better than Leonard Lopate. He is a remarkable combination of high intelligence, curiosity, and charm. We should be grateful for the twenty wonderful years he has given us and pray that he will continue "ad multos annos."
—Mario M. Cuomo

Christine Todd Whitman"It is always a pleasure to talk and listen to someone who does their homework and is interested in informing their audience. Leonard Lopate is such an interviewer. While not shying from asking challenging questions, Leonard is not out to embarrass his guests and has no need to constantly remind his listeners of his own knowledge. What results is an interview where the interviewee has a chance to talk, but about the issues Leonard knows are of interest to his listeners."
—Christine Todd Whitman

Robert Olen Butler"When you toil in artistic obscurity for some years before you're standing out in a field one day and literary lightning strikes you, you profoundly appreciate those few readers with manifest intellectual credentials who actually already got what it was you were doing. Leonard Lopate had been standing out there in that field with me for some time before there was even a whiff of ozone in the air. I am eternally and profoundly grateful to him. He understood, he encouraged, he helped in no small part to keep me out there waiting. Thanks, man."
—Robert Olen Butler

Cherry Jones"After 20 continuous years of listening to Leonard, I feel I have earned the equivalent of a degree in countless fields of knowledge. And when I leave NY from time to time, I have a hankering for that gorgeous voice each day I am gone, especially between noon and 2 PM. Thank you WNYC for giving us Leonard and thank you Leonard for your many gifts."
—Cherry Jones

Cynthia Ozick"It has often seemed to me that the old term "Renaissance man" should be scrapped in favor of simply uttering "Leonard Lopate." There is no idea or experience that eludes Leonard Lopate's apt, illuminating, and enriching discourse: history, literature, art, music, film, theater, science, sports - even cooking! In twenty years of radio interviews, with wit and grace (and without a trace of solemnity or didacticism), this Polymath of Perpetual Delight has deepened our understanding and our pleasure."
—Cynthia Ozick