No Cover: Up Died Sound

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Instrumental experimental rock trio Up Died Sound performed at Zebulon, in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Stream the whole set here.

Hometown: Brooklyn, New York 

The Facts: When Nicky Mao, guitarist/violinist for Brooklyn newcomers Up Died Sound, is asked to describe her band’s music, her response is appropriately cryptic: “Up and died, and then born again.” The band’s instrumental psychedelia recalls the underground psych sounds from India and the Middle East available on Sublime Frequencies, but according to Mao, Eastern sounds are just one part of the band’s sonic palette. Today, she’s listening mainly to techno and the experimental German composer Ekkehrd Ehlers. “It was never an intention to make any sort of music in particular. We're on our own trip and really not concerned with standing around and kicking a dead horse,” says Mao. “I think we are more expressive as innovators rather than keepers of the dead, no?”

The Sound: Contemplative compositions made up of dense guitar textures and repeating riffs, all awash in a sea of glorious reverb. 

Latest Release: Expect a debut sometime in Summer 2010. 


He Said, She Said: "In Up Died Sound’s music, psychedelic guitar rock comes face to face with its geographical and historical reverse image, a non-Western fantasy of its very Western self. Power riffs cohered in extravagant architectures, rising above our heads like a ceiling at Alhambra." -  Emilie Friedlander, Visitation Rites   

Setlist: 1. “Intro 1 (Violince)”
2. “Intro (Kara Sevda)”
3. “Emotion Sickness”
4. “If Time Is Evident”
5. “Dust”
6. “Leger Demain”
7. “Outro (Ecru)”