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Friday, September 25, 2009

There aren’t many instruments that have had more names, varieties or as world-wide a reach as the hammered dulcimer. Literally meaning "sweet song" from the Roman translation, this stringed instrument (typically played with mallets), originated in Persia nearly 2000 years ago. Variations of the dulcimer can be seen and heard in Asian and European traditional music and extend all the way to American folk music and even the Blue Man Group. One type of dulcimer called the cimbalom, has been featured in music of Zoltan Kodaly and Igor Stravinsky. Tonight, we hear the dulcimer used in music ranging from Robert Een to Christof Dienz and Lou Harrison.

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Comments [13]

David Garland from the WNYC studio

I posted these haikus on the Blog, where most of the haikus reside:

>Steve Carter, you're probably right!

Thanks for listening, and thanks for your lovely Haikus!

Sep. 25 2009 11:12 PM
alice Lynch from Flushing WNYC

My haiku....

Commorate 10-08-09
Memory WNCN Fleetwood
Dulcet tones like Garland’s

Sep. 25 2009 11:06 PM
alice - queens from Flushing WNYD

My haiku

Commorate 10-08-09
Memory WNCN Fleetwood
Dulcet tones like Garland’s

Sep. 25 2009 11:01 PM
Steve Carter from East Village

Bass guitar with pick on I Spy music.
Could be the famous Carol Kaye?

Sep. 25 2009 10:55 PM
Dan Kulkosky from Washington Heights

Slice ginger, chop dice
Simmer, ad honey lemon
Happy sinuses

Sep. 25 2009 10:00 PM

City's glow reflects
Shaped white cries of birds above
On Autumn evenings

Sep. 25 2009 09:29 PM
Lois Barish from Westchester ny

My haiku

Jagged puzzle blues
Fill the empty spaces
Make the night complete

Sep. 25 2009 08:21 PM
Joel from Briarcliff, NY

Katydids chirp on,
Early autumn serenades,
Hark! Their farewell song.

Sep. 25 2009 07:58 PM
michael nixon from greenwich, ct

the grape is frosted
yeast to cure its delight.
fall moons pluck't enlight.

Sep. 25 2009 07:58 PM
Karen OT10 from Westchester Cnty

In the third grade, around 1963 my mother would drive me to art class near MOMA and MoonDog would be walking around 6th Ave. I felt very frightened by his appearance. Years later when I was a young adult I heard that his name was MoonDog, that he'd become a born again Christian and gotten his act together. Maybe he'd always had his act together. I felt happy that he was okay and that I was no longer afraid of appearances such as his had been.

Sep. 25 2009 07:54 PM
Lorraine Bonaventura from Brooklyn


Drawing is not done

Though I am not quite there yet

I will finish soon

Sep. 25 2009 07:52 PM
Greg Loten from Scarsdale, Westchester

My haiku:
Summer sun ends cold
shivering boys practice plays
for first football game

Sep. 25 2009 07:52 PM
Edo from Little Italy, NYC

My Haiku

It is not neat here
The clutter just grows and grows
Someday all will vanish

Sep. 25 2009 07:37 PM

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