Hilary Hahn and Josh Ritter in concert at the Metropolitan Museum of Art

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Terrance McKnight takes you on a special musical travelogue, so put on your finest duds and some comfortable shoes as we travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art for a sold-out concert with world renowned violinist Hilary Hahn and singer-songwriter Josh Ritter.

Afterwards, follow Terrance to the downtown club Drom for the after-party celebrating the release of Hahn's new CD of Sibelius and Schoenberg Violin Concertos. Find out what's behind this uncommon musical pairing from both artists and weigh in with your own dream combos as Terrance takes you this unique, intimately guided tour.

Our Technical Director for this program was Edward Haber; our engineer was Irene Trudel. The program was produced by Brian Wise with Alex Ambrose; our Executive Producer was Limor Tomer. A special thanks to Anya Grundmann from NPR Music.