The Visual Mystery

4 segments
How do you create a stage production for a five-hour opera that's long on monologues but short on action? In the final installment of The Tristan Mysteries, Amy O'Leary gets the backstory on the latest incarnation of Wagner's opera. Also, George Preston chats with soprano Christine Brewer, who sings the role of Isolde in The Tristan Project.

Contributors to The Visual Mystery include:

  • Peter Sellars, Director, The Tristan Project
  • Bill Viola, Video Artist, The Tristan Project
  • Adam Weinberg, Director, Whitney Museum
  • Audience Members from a recent Tristan Production

Executive Producer, The Tristan Mysteries: Limor Tomer
Producer/Host, The Visual Mystery: Amy O'Leary
Producer/Host, Equal Time: George Preston
Web Producer, The Tristan Mysteries: Brad Cresswell

The Tristan Mysteries is supported, in part, by a grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.