The Five Hour Mystery

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2 segments
Wagner's operas are almost as famous for their length as they are for their music. In the third installment of The Tristan Mysteries, Amy O'Leary examines the somnolence of Wagner's music—and shows us that falling asleep at the opera might not be such a bad thing after all.

Contributors to The Five Hour Mystery include:

  • Mark Morris, Choreographer
  • Ben Heppner, Tenor
  • Dr. John Forrest, Head of Anthropology, SUNY, Purchase College
  • Joe Horowitz, Author of the book "Wagner Nights"
  • Meg Kinney, Marketing Consultant, Los Angeles
  • Christopher Mika, Metal Guitarist and part-time Waiter, San Francisco

Executive Producer, The Tristan Mysteries: Limor Tomer
Producer/Host, The Five Hour Mystery: Amy O'Leary
Producer/Host, Evening Music: George Preston
Web Producer, The Tristan Mysteries: Brad Cresswell

The Tristan Mysteries is supported, in part, by a grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.