The Sonic Mystery

4 segments
Tristan und Isolde is essentially the longest unresolved chord in history (all five hours of it). In this episode of The Tristan Mysteries, Amy O'Leary takes us on a magical mystery tour of Wagner's expansive musical language—and shows us how a few simple measures of music affected entire generations of composers. Also, composer Jed Distler joins George Preston in the studio for an expansive survey of Tristan's musical legacy.

Contributors to The Sonic Mystery include:

  • Danny Felsenfeld, Composer & Critic
  • Andy Laster, Composer & Jazz Saxophonist
  • Bill Viola, Video Artist, The Tristan Project
  • Sean McCaul, Vibraphonist and Marimba Player
  • Jaime Fatas, Saxophonist

Executive Producer, The Tristan Mysteries: Limor Tomer
Producer/Host, The Sonic Mystery: Amy O'Leary
Producer/Host, Tristan's Legacy: George Preston
Web Producer, The Tristan Mysteries: Brad Cresswell

The Tristan Mysteries is supported, in part, by a grant from The Corporation for Public Broadcasting.