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Wednesday, May 05, 2010

US Attorney General Eric Holder (C) answers a question during a press briefing regarding the investigation into the Times Square attempted bombing, in Washington, DC, on May 4, 2010.

The Pakistani community reacts to the arrest of Faisal Shahzad. Slate's Fred Kaplan and Mohsin Zaheer, editor of the New York-area Pakistani-American newspaper Sada-e-Pakista, discuss the latest. Plus: Paul Berman  on his new book; and WNYC's Andrea Bernstein on the latest transportation news, including a small memo from Ray LaHood that could have a big impact.

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The Pakistani Community Reacts

Mohsin Zaheer, editor of the New York-area Pakistani-American newspaper Sada-e-Pakistan, and Mohammad Razvi, executive director of COPO (Council of People's Organization), a nonprofit organization in New York City serving the South Asian community, talk about the local Pakistani community's reaction.

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Times Square Bombing, Pakistani Policy, and Surveillance

In light of Pakistani-born US citizen Faisal Shahzad's Monday arrest after the failed car bomb in Times Square, Slate's "War Stories" columnist Fred Kaplan discusses what we know about Pakistan's role in the attempt at terrorism, how we're re-thinking surveillance and public space, and other lessons from the incident.

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Transportation Nation

WNYC reporter Andrea Bernstein discusses National Bike Month and her work with Transportation Nation.

WNYC is running a competition to design the pedestrian plazas in Midtown. Click here to enter the competition with your own vision for mid-town.

→ Is this your first bike month? Are you a new bicyclist in NYC? How do you think this city treats two-wheelers? Let us know!

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The Flight of the Intellectuals

A senior fellow at the World Policy Institute, professor of journalism and distinguished writer in residence at NYU, and member of the editorial board of the Dissent Magazine, Paul Berman discusses his new book, The Flight of the Intellectuals.

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Fierce Angels

Dr. Sheri Parks, associate professor in the American Studies department at the University of Maryland and author of Fierce Angels: The Strong Black Woman in American Life and Culture, discusses the mythology of the "strong black woman" in both black and mainstream culture in the United States.

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