The New Metallica Album

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When it comes to Metallica, there seem to be two kinds of people: those who believe the band broke new ground in thrash metal in the 1980s and then lost the thread in the 90s; and those who maybe had sort of heard of the band, but then fell in love with “Nothing Else Matters” when that anthem was all over the radio in the 90s.

And of course there is a third kind: the Yankees fans for whom Metallica means the “Enter Sandman” tune that accompanies the entry to the field of the game’s greatest relief pitcher ever, Mariano Rivera.

But it’s primarily for the first two groups who are likely to be weighing in on the newest Metallica effort, “Death Magnetic.” Some say it’s a return to form – which is apparently what producer Rick Rubin had in mind when he agreed to work with the band. Others say it’s just a bunch of rich middle-aged men trying to recapture the energy and excitement of their 20-something selves. I say Mariano Rivera is the greatest relief pitcher ever.

Tell us: What’s your take on Metallica’s musical journey? Did they lose you as a fan with their anti-Napster stance? Will they win you back with the new album? And if they’re not the kings of metal now, who is? (Read Ryan Schreiber's answer.)