McCarren Pool's Swan Song

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McCarren Park Pool is closing. Well, not closing forever, but when it reopens, it will be as a pool. For the past 3 summers, McCarren has been one of the hottest music venues in New York – a place to watch the most buzzed-about indie rockers and the most strangely attired Williamsburg hipsters. And while the rock fan in me is sorry to see such an unusual venue go, the swimmer and Brooklyn resident in me will be glad to see northern Brooklyn getting a place that serves a much wider community than the circle of friends (admittedly not a small circle, either) that comes to play there now. The main reason I’m not all broken up about this is that New York has shown itself to be irrepressible when it comes to putting on a show, and when one place closes, another will usually be ready to take its place. True, that is not necessarily the case when a jazz or a folk club closes, but even there, those scenes have survived and done quite well when long-standing venues have bitten the dust. And it’s not like Blonde Redhead or The Hold Steady are going to be lacking other places in town to play.

Tell us: What do you think? Is the city messing with a good thing in returning the McCarren Pool to its original function? Is it right to aim to serve the larger needs of the community rather than a venue for the arts? (photo: dkcholo via Flickr)