Cirque du Soleil, Meet Bob Dylan

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Elvis Presley

While my lifelong love affair with horse racing is a poorly-kept secret, I am not in fact into gambling at all. (Thoroughbred racing is different. Don’t ask me how – it just is.) So while work has occasionally taken me to Las Vegas and being outvoted by a bunch of friends once landed me in Atlantic City, I am not the type that will be lured to a casino by a roll of free quarters or even a comped room in the hotel. And until recently, any musical act that I would want to see wouldn’t be caught dead playing a casino, so that wasn’t even a consideration.

But Prince changed all that when he went to Vegas – without, you know, “going Vegas.” Now, apparently, a far younger crowd goes to casinos to see musicians who still have their own hair and teeth performing songs that haven’t been out of fashion for decades. Yes, it’s easy for me here in New York City to say I still wouldn’t go see any of the newer acts in a casino, but if I lived in central Connecticut and someone I liked, let’s say Interpol because they have that kind of lounge lizardy dress thing going on anyway, was playing at Foxwoods… well, I don’t know. It still sounds wrong, somehow, but I imagine I’d be sorely tempted.

Tell us: What about you? Have you ever caught a concert at a casino? If so, how was it? And if not, what would it take to get you go to a casino concert?