Casting a the iPhone

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iPhone 3G

It's tempting to look down on all those people standing in lines around the block at the various Apple stores, waiting to buy yet another Apple gizmo. Tempting to say, 'look at them; they're like addicts. Apple hooks them, and then reels them in, and they simply can't get away.' But then my blackberry buzzes, and I forget about all those Apple addicts as I type away on my own addictive technology. (Hey, they don't call them crackberries for nothing.)

When I look at the iPhone, I can't help thinking it's just a cooler version of technology that many of us already have on other devices. But people who seem to know their stuff will stand and wait for hours to get one. So what is the iPhone 3G - a triumph of technology and personal media, or a triumph of marketing? Leave a comment.

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