Only the Best at Shea

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When I was a kid, some of the older kids in my neighborhood in Queens were making noise about a concert they were going to see at Shea Stadium. Part of the excitement was just the fact that Shea was hosting a concert. And part of it was the band - this amazingly hot rock band that had suddenly become really popular. They were called...
Grand Funk Railroad.

What? Who did you think I was talking about? Oh right, the Beatles had already played at Shea. Twice. But I was too dull or too young to have registered that. But I remember my best friend's brother's excitement when he returned the day after the concert, raving about how cool it was and how the opening act, called Humble Pie, was gonna be HUGE. (Well, their guitarist would be... a guy named Peter Frampton.)

I have never seen a concert at Shea myself. Growing up as a heretic Yankee fan deep in Mets country, I hated Shea Stadium. During the 1974-75 seasons, I had to watch the Yankees play there while their own vastly superior stadium was being renovated, and even with MY team on the field, Shea was still a pit. But now I recognize the importance of that old eyesore - it was the birthplace of arena rock.

Tell us: Have you seen a concert there? If so, which one(s)? And how was it?