The Music Festival: Friend or Foe?

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I love music. I love live music. I love lots of live music. I just don't love it all at once. To me, that's one of the problems with the big summer music festivals - when the music is coming at you all day and into the evening, it doesn't matter how great the bands are - you will suffer from aural fatigue. That happens even with indoor festivals, like South By Southwest. Want to hear 30 or 40 bands for a single ticket price? Sounds good, doesn't it? But think about it for a minute - do you REALLY want to hear that many bands in such short order?

And there's an even bigger problem with these events - me. I am a big baby. I don't like to roast in the sun, and I don't like to stand in the mud. (Hell, I don't even like standing at the back of a club anymore but that's just because I'm an old crank, while still managing to be a baby.) If you're going to ask people to brave the elements for long stretches of time, you are going to make the experience of listening to music a lot harder than it has to be.

Tell us: Do you go to these summer music festivals? I will admit they often lead to great stories - share them if you dare...