Lil' Wayne vs. The World

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Lil Wayne

It’s one thing for Lil Wayne to proclaim himself the world’s best rapper. That sort of bragging, whether serious or in jest, has long been a part of hip-hop. It’s quite another thing for anyone else to agree. I mean, hip-hop is like every other form of music, where the stuff on the top of the charts may be good (or not), and is definitely popular, but where the most interesting work is very often being done a little further down the food chain. So if you know enough about hip-hop to have an opinion on who’s the best, then wouldn’t you know enough to know there are probably great emerging artists you don’t know? Y’know?

Lil Wayne has a warped sense of humor (see “Phone Home,” for example). Is he the world’s greatest rapper? Come on – rap is supposed to have an edge, like rock. And just as the best rock is too edgy for the top of the charts, so is the best rapping. You won’t find someone like Mr. Lif (check him out –a very inventive wordsmith based in Philly) in the #1 slot on the Billboard charts, for example. And you won’t find The National replacing Fall Out Boy on the rock charts. Not that I’m ready to proclaim Mr. Lif the world’s greatest rapper either, mind you, but I’ll take his Mo’ Mega over Lil Wayne’s Tha Carter III anyday.

OK, go for it. Tell us: Who IS the world’s greatest rapper? Did Lil Wayne bring enough ammo (we know he’s got the guns – there are arrest reports to prove it) on the new CD to justify his boast that HE’s the best? Leave a comment. (Photo: Georgetown Voice/Flickr)