A Great Tenor Looks to the Future

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Placido DomingoWhat do you ask someone who’s so famous that he has his own Muppet? Placido Domingo is one of the greatest tenors of our time, and as a conductor and arts administrator he has been a tireless champion of the world of opera and of opera in America particularly. A younger set will remember his Sesame Street duet with Placido Flamingo, his Muppet alter-ego. But he will forever be linked in most minds with the late Luciano Pavarotti and Jose Carreras in The Three Tenors. So everyone wants to know, what was it like working with Pavarotti, but he’d probably have more interesting things to say about the Yankees’ current woes (he’s a big fan). We’ll see…

Domingo is also uniquely qualified to answer opera’s burning question – who will be the heir to Pavarotti? We’ll hear his take on that too. Meanwhile, who is YOUR pick for the next great tenor?