Movie Stars Who Slum in Pop Music

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I loved the original Star Trek. But all the juvenile hero-worship in the world couldn’t save Captain Kirk and Mr. Spock from the guffaws that followed when they each released albums of “covers” (a charitable term, in this case) of popular songs in the late 60s. Universal derision hasn’t stopped either album from becoming a collector’s item, though, so the last laugh isn’t at them, it’s with them.

Singers have famously gone on to acting careers: Bing Crosby, Frank Sinatra, Elvis, Queen Latifah, Will Smith. But actors who’ve gone on to singing careers? Well, Minnie Driver’s record was well received; Zooey Deschanel has gotten good reviews for her collaboration with rocker M. Ward called She & Him. But mostly, actors like Russell Crowe, Bruce Willis, Eddie Murphy, and others have found that singing (or at least, singing well) isn’t as easy as it looks, and have followed William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy into the musical hall of shame.