The Price of Being Green

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This week's Soundcheck Smackdown is a curious one, at least to me - because I can see how both sides of the argument could be correct. Maybe you believe in climate change, maybe you don't. (Watch out for the edge of our flat planet, though.) But it is certainly possible for both sides of today's debate to be correct: Concerts and artists and fans are doing the right thing by trying to "go green." And maybe it won't make any real difference.

But even if that's true, why not do it anyway? I mean, is there any downside to saving gas, reducing litter, etc? Maybe we'd like to hear a little less preaching from multi-millionaire artists who can fly off on a moment's notice in their private jet, though...

Will eco-friendly concerts make a difference? More important, will your answer to that question determine whether you go eco-friendly too? Leave a comment for today's show.