Zeroes and Villains

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How did Blender do it? How did they start compiling a list of music’s creepiest, most repulsive, often genuinely criminal people – and stop at just 25? I don’t know what it is about the music biz, but it has long been a magnet for shady characters. I suppose it’s all the money flowing in and out for a commodity that is so slippery and elusive – the music industry basically made up its own rules as it went along, and changed them when it could if it suited the corporate bottom line. And fame does funny things to musicians, and often to their extended, even bloated, entourages.

And we listeners aren’t blameless in this either. Just like in the world of sports, we put our favorite musicians on pedestals and laugh off their idiosyncrasies as “part of the lifestyle”. Hey, if Phil Spector pulls a gun on you in a deserted parking lot or, say, in a bedroom in his home, will you excuse him because he did after all create the “wall of sound” and produced some of the greatest pop songs in the past half century? Plus he did the same thing to apparently half the musicians he’s produced over the years?

So how does Phil Spector NOT make it onto Blender’s list? Check out the list here – who do you think belongs on this list? (Yeah, yeah, I know – critics who make lists. What else you got?)