History in the Making

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Usually you don’t realize you’re witnessing history until time has past and events have become historic. (There are obvious exceptions.) Suze Rotolo couldn’t have known she was witnessing history when her boyfriend, a young folksinger named Bob Dylan, got a good review in the New York Times. And she certainly didn’t expect to be part of an image that captured that moment in history when the '60s began to wake up and move to the sounds of youthful disaffection and rage and enthusiasm and belief. But there she is, frozen in time as Bob Dylan’s 19-year-old girlfriend on the famous album cover of 'The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan,' the album that changed the soundtrack of the 60s.

london-calling.jpgLike I said, usually you don’t know when history is unfolding. For me, traveling to North Korea with the NY Philharmonic earlier this year was obviously a chance to witness history. But none of us who were at the old Palladium the night a Clash concert ended with fans rushing the stage and the musicians smashing their instruments knew we were witnessing another iconic moment –- until it was captured on another famous album cover, The Clash’s 'London Calling.'

Tell us: Have you been there when music history has been made? A career launched? Or ended? A style evolves, or a one-time confluence of talent shares a stage? And how long before you realized it?