The Search for Rebel Girls

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Cat PowerWhere are the women in rock? I happen to know they’re still out there – I share an office with one, as you may have learned in our posting last Wednesday – but Women Who Rock just don’t seem to be as visible as they were 15 years ago, when Bikini Kill and Sleater-Kinney were leading the charge of the riot-grrls in the Pacific Northwest and Courtney Love’s Hole was taking no prisoners. Women in music now? Well, there’s Britney and her ilk, or there are undeniable and genuinely musical forces like Feist and Cat Power. But where is that amps-up-to-11, pin-your-ears-to-the-wall sound that once proved that gender had nothing to do with your ability to rock? And if it really IS gone, what’s wrong with that? Does rockin’ hard define a woman any more than anything else? Tell us what you think. (Cat Power photo: Stefano Giovannini)