John ... on Beards

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What is going on over in Williamsbeard? I mean Williamsburg. All these indie-rockers with their sudden facial hair… I’ve never seen myself as a bearded type, though I’ve idly wondered what it would be like. But unlike the hair on the top of my head, the hair on the bottom seems wiry and stiff when it grows in -- if I’m on vacation, say, and haven’t shaved that week. It’s like trying to grow a brillo pad –- it itches and I just can’t wait to shave it off. So I will admit to a grudging respect for guys who can somehow get through that awkward, in-between phase and get to the point of facing the world with a presentable beard.

The question is: are rockers growing beards because they see it as a distinguishing mark – something that makes them different? Or are they, in the words of the old Kinks song, “dedicated followers of fashion,” latching onto a trend? The Beatles grew beards. The Stones never did. Just food for thought.

Tell us what you think of beards in pop music.