Destination: Pyongyang

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Greetings and welcome to Soundcheck’s Pyongyang blog! For the next week, Soundcheck host John Schaefer will be part of the New York Philharmonic’s Asian 2008 entourage as the orchestra makes a grand overture of cultural diplomacy, performing a concert in North Korea. If the internet access that we're promised actually works, and if there are no media-censoring firewalls in place, we hope to report on the impact that this concert from Pyongyang might have on U.S.-North Korean relations, share some pictures from the concert, and reflect upon the event.

Keep up with John Schaefer’s adventures from Asia –well, at least Beijing and the airport from Inchon, South Korea, come back often to see if maybe SMS messages or e-mails can make it out of North Korea, and talk back in our comments section. Welcome again!