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Washed Out
"Track 7"
Playing at: The Bell House
(149 7th St., Gowanus)
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Less than a year ago, Ernest Greene, who performs as Washed Out, was making lo-fi dance pop recordings in his bedroom studio in Macon, Ga. while spending his days looking for a job as a librarian and anticipating his upcoming wedding. Then bloggers discovered his murky, synthy tracks on his MySpace page, and before long Greene was being held up as the poster boy for the burgeoning chillwave scene. Needless to say, he's put the librarian career on hold while he takes some time to record, tour, and enjoy the warm glow of the indie spotlight. This song comes from an untitled recording available only at Greene's live shows. Hazy and covered in a thick layer of groove, "Track 7" drifts along with a languid pulse as atmospheric synths complete the laid-back sound.