40 Years After Nixon Resigns

Friday, August 08, 2014

40 years ago today, President Nixon announced he was resigning from office. Elizabeth Holtzman was a member of the House Judiciary Committee in 1974 (D-Brooklyn) and had sought to impeach him over the unauthorized bombing of Cambodia. She looks back on Nixon's presidency and the Watergate hearings.

Where were you on August 8, 1974?  


Elizabeth Holtzman

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Why bother? From the Overview on B&N,

“Tell them if Dick Nixon's going down I'm taking everyone down with me, that prick [CIA Director Richard] Helms, Lyndon, and Jerry Ford are going down with me” was the way Haig phrased it."

Johnson was dead in January, 1973. How would Nixon use that a wedge to get anything from Ford?

Aug. 09 2014 10:58 AM

@john from office

"BAY OF PIGS ANYONE??" Seriously? The Bay of Pigs was a CIA op that was originated, funded and planned during the Eisenhower Administration. Kennedy's only mistake was not pulling the plug on it.

Riddle me this, which of these were really impeachable offenses?

Kennedy - Too many extramarital affairs
Johnson - Lied us into a war. Illegal wiretaps.
Nixon - Colluded to keep us in a war. Illegal wiretaps, burglary, etc.
Ford - None that I remember.
Carter - Failed to get hostages back from Iran. Made us feel bad.
Reagan - Traded arms for hostages. Broke Boland Amendment.
Bush - Raised taxes when he said he wouldn't
Clinton - Lied under oath in a deposition about sexual harassment
Bush II - Lied us into war. Used torture as an intelligence collection tool.
Obama - Lied about whether you can keep your doctor and health plan.

Given that EVERY President will lie and ANY President could be impeached (especially if the House is ruled by the opposite party), what on this list rises to an actual cause of action?

For me it's Nixon, Reagan and Bush II. Their actions actually hurt my country.

Aug. 09 2014 10:51 AM
Cassandra Jackson from Pennsylvania

Will liberals please pull their heads out of their collective arse and consider another view of Nixon? A new book, “Nixon's Secrets,” is being talked about on the webs and I've been following the discussion and I've found it's dominated by conservative-sounding people who've been showing interest in the book. But liberals give up their chance to learn something because they don't like the book's author, Roger Stone. Yea, he was close to Nixon. But to me that makes his book more credible than the others. Stone was there! Stone challenges what John Dean and Bob Woodward have been telling the public. I risk having my liberal creds questioned but I want liberals to read Stone's account of Nixon and Watergate. Dare I say where I'm buying my copy? What the heck.

Aug. 09 2014 10:06 AM
FLATLINEgov from Gaithersburg, MD

Forty Years Later, the "Long National Nightmare" Continues

Aug. 08 2014 10:28 PM
katherine Jackson from Brooklyn

Elizabeth Holtzman rocks!! Talking about what makes this country great (as she, Brian and a caller were): I say it's Elizabeth Holtzman and those few others like her, who have represented their constituents with brilliance, political savvy, profound knowledge of the law and, beyond all else, conscience. If only she were still in Congress.

Aug. 08 2014 10:42 AM
SamBrown from Michoacan, Mexico

Great point Brian. For all the sneering that has been done towards 'Aaal Gooore', he did the right thing. He shrugged and said "Well, it's obvious we just have to concede it to him." I did the same, listened to the first 'Uniter not a divider" speech by Bush, and hoped "Well, I hope he means it."
I was proved wrong.

Aug. 08 2014 10:32 AM
Paul from White Plains

Still regret the three-way race, that Javits brought about, defeating Ms. Holtzman, and giving us, pardon the expression, Sen. d'Amato.

Aug. 08 2014 10:28 AM
john from office

SOOOOO, a president acting on the world stage has to ask permission from congress, a congress that cannot pass the simplist bill??, Obama would need to ask Rand Paul, Ted Cruz (TEODORO) and Marco Rubio for permission. No thanks.

Nixon will go down in history as a significant president, Example : the EPA and the opening to China. The Left, as they do with Reagan, will continue to poop on his name. Let the man rest in peace.

Try pooping on some of your heros, Clinton?, Kennedy? both with questionable acts under there administrations. BAY OF PIGS ANYONE??

Aug. 08 2014 10:25 AM
Roman from Brooklyn, NY

I know this is a bit off topic, but since Brian brought up the non-bombing of Syria after the government used Chemical Weapons. I consider myself a liberal democrat, and generally a supporter of Obama, but I am convinced that the fact that Obama did not bomb Syrian air strips after their use of Chemical Weapons was a huge mistake and directly connected not only to the horrible humanitarian crisis in Syria, but also the current situation with the Islamic State in Iraq.

Aug. 08 2014 10:19 AM

The Nixon resignation saga took over two years. My entire sophomore and junior years of high school. The only comparable experience during my life was the run-up to the second invasion of Iraq.

Did RMN's misdeeds pass the 'high crimes and misdemeanors' bar? We'll never know but it is clear that Nixon did or why would he resign.

Did Bill Clinton's lying about sex in a deposition pass the 'high crimes...' bar. Not in my opinion.

Reagan's trading arms with Iran? Yep. He should have been impeached.
Bush II's twisting facts in the run-up to Iraq II? Yep. Use of torture? Yep. Why do we give the serious misdeeds a pass and choose to pursue the little stuff?

Aug. 08 2014 10:14 AM

It's a pleasure to hear the wisdom, intelligence and clarity of Elizabeth Holtzman again, NYC made a big mistake in not electing her as Mayor when she was running.

Nixon was, is and shall forever be...a bum, a liar and a criminal.

Aug. 08 2014 10:09 AM
Tony from Canarsie

Nixon was the only public personality I've ever hated. His resignation was a cause for celebration.

Aug. 08 2014 10:03 AM

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