#3984: New Music for Trumpet - the Softer Side

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Trio Mediaeval & Arve Henriksen

Listen to music for trumpet, modified trumpet and trumpet with electronics for this New Sounds. There’s new old music from Trio Mediaeval together with Arve Henriksen, exploring the ancient folk songs and hymns of both Norway and Iceland. Then, listen to music from the likes of New Orleans-based trumpet player Christian Scott aTunde Adjuah, London-based Yazz Ahmed, and Lebanese-born Paris-based trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf.

Hear an entrancing collaboration between the vocal ensemble Trio Mediaeval and innovative Norwegian trumpet player Arve Henriksen. From a collection of mediaeval chants and folk songs from both Norway and Iceland, including 14th Century vespers and ancient folk songs, listen to an Icelandic hymn from the 17th century.  Then listen to music for a modified trumpet – one specially built to play quarter tones found in Arabic music-from Lebanese-born, Paris-based trumpeter Ibrahim Maalouf from his record Kalthoum, an homage to the great Arab diva Oum Kalthoum. There's also music by the London-based British-Bahraini trumpeter and bandleader Yazz Ahmed who melds jazz with the sounds of her Arabic heritage on her record “Finding My Way Home.” Plus, hear music by Jon Balke & Amina Alaoui, featuring Jon Hassell, and solo music after a Rumi poem from Jon Hassell & more.

PROGRAM #3984, New Music with Trumpet - the Softer Side (First Aired: 5/18/2017)     

ARTIST: Arve Henriksen &  Trio Mediæval
WORK: O Jesu dulcissime, excerpt [1:00]
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Arve Henriksen
WORK: Demarcation Line [6:08]
RECORDING: Towards Language
SOURCE: Rune Grammofon RCD 2192
INFO: runegrammofon.com

ARTIST: Jon Hassell
WORK: Last Night the Moon Came [11:15]
RECORDING: Last night the moon came dropping its clothes in the street
SOURCE: ECM Records #2077
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Yazz Ahmed 
WORK: Wah-Wah Sawahwah [7:32]
RECORDING: Finding My Way Home
SOURCE: Suntara Records
INFO: yazzahmed.com

ARTIST: Ibrahim Maalouf
WORK:  Overture 1 [4:46] 
SOURCE: Impulse! / Universal Music Classics / Decca #4749696
INFO: impulse-label.com | ibrahimmaalouf.com

ARTIST: Jon Balke & Amina Alaoui, Jon Hassell
WORK: Itimad [6:43]
RECORDING: Siwan ("balance")
INFO: ecmrecords.com

ARTIST: Christian Scott
WORK: The Eraser (Thom Yorke) [5:31] 
RECORDING: Live on Soundcheck, 3/29/2010
SOURCE: This performance not commercially available.
INFO: wnyc.org/story/43341-christian-scott/

ARTIST: Arve Henriksen &  Trio Mediæval
WORK: O Jesu dulcissime  [5:05] 
INFO: ecmrecords.com